Sacramental Coordinators:
Marisa Squadrito and Cindrella Francis
[email protected]

Bulletin Editor: Meynardo Talisayon
Parish Bulletin email address: [email protected]
Please submit requests for publication by 12 noon Wednesday.
Acolytes Coordinator: Arthur Lee
Readers & Special Ministers of Communion:
Danima Grace (Special Roster) Constance Leung ( Weekdays)
Prescilla Luzon (Vigil Mass)
Felicity Donnelly (Sundays)

Music Ministry
Coordinators for 5:30pm Saturday Masses:

1st Saturday – Richard Borges (Family Mass)
2nd Saturday – David Foong
3rd Saturday – Aneela Pereira
4th Saturday – Prescilla Luzon
5th Saturday – Arlene Burton

Music Ministry – Sunday Masses:
1st & 3rd SUN 8am – John Brazier
2nd SUN 8am – Reny Ng
4th SUN 8am – Fr Emmanuel Seo
1st, 3rd & 5th SUN 10am – Mary Towers
2nd SUN 10am – David Foong
4th SUN 10am – Muntia Gouw

Other Ministry Leaders

Acolytes: Arthur Lee
Ushers/Collectors – Michael Wixted
Altar Society – Marie Bennett
Liturgy Committee – Danima Grace
Finance Committee – Stephen Topple
St Vincent de Paul Society – Jim Lemcke
Catechists – Cynthia Matusiak

Parish Safeguarding Support Officer – Lou Temprosa

St Michael’s Primary School : School Principal – Mrs Alison Felici