Make a contribution to my parish

Have you ever wondered … 

Why do we give money at Mass? What is the money used for? Is it managed wisely? Who has control over spending the money?

Parishes have a variety of collections

1. First Collection (also known as Pastoral Revenue) helps support the financial needs of priests across all the parishes and chaplaincies in Sydney. In our Parish, this collection is usually taken up directly after the homily. From this account (referred to as Pastoral Revenue), each priest receives a monthly living stipend of $1860 per month from November 2021). The Domestic needs of the presbytery (including the costs for electricity/gas, water, cleaning and food) are met from this collection. 15 per cent of this collection is also paid to the Archdiocese for the expenses of the Archbishop and his assistant bishops. In so called ‘wealthier’ parishes, any surplus left in this account is forwarded to a Central Fund, which then pays for health insurance for priests, assists priests in other ministries and redistributes funds to poorer parishes.This Central Fund is managed by an elected board of priests.

Contributions can be made: 

a. On the plate at Mass

b. Via credit card donation on the attached link – with biller code 1001078 – Pastoral Revenue. 

2. The Second Collection is for the Support and Maintenance of the Parish Buildings, Pastoral Programs and Liturgical expenses. This collection consists of planned giving envelopes (which receive 35% tax deduction) or loose offerings on the collection. These funds are used for the Parish running costs, including administration, insurance, electricity, phone, stationery, printing, liturgical needs, the general maintenance and upkeep of church, presbytery and parish property, Salaries (and superannuation) of parish staff, and the priests’ car costs. The management of these funds is the responsibility of the parish priest in consultation with the Parish Finance Committee. If you would like to join the Parish Envelope system, please email [email protected] 

Contributions can also be made:

a. On the Plate at Mass or on the plate in an envelope

b. Via a credit card offering with the biller code 1001014 – Planned Giving

3. Sacramental Offerings and Contributions for Sacraments


Whenever a person is baptised, the parents and godparents are asked to make an offering to pastoral revenue to assist with the financial needs of the priest. This can either be done on the day of the baptism with a special baptism offering envelope (provided from the Parish Office) or via a credit card offering with the biller code 1001044 – Baptisms


The Parish runs preparation programs for the sacrament of reconciliation, first holy communion and confirmation. A contribution is requested, at time of enrolment, to assist with the program materials and the costs of the leaders. These contributions can be made in person or via a credit card offering with the biller code 1001513 – Sacramental Programs. 


Couples are asked to make a donation to the Parish for the use of the facilities and are also asked to make an offering towards Pastoral Revenue to assist with the costs associated with the celebrant of the wedding. It is encouraged to make donations to the Parish and to Pastoral Revenue prior to the wedding day.

This can be done prior to the wedding day by contributing at one of the preparation sessions,

OR via a credit card offering with the biller code 1001272-Weddings and then also to biller code 1001078 – Pastoral Revenue. 


The Parish takes up a number of special collections throughout the year for charitable purposes beyond the Parish. Most of these collections are 100% tax deductible. Collections include  the Charities of the Archdiocese of Sydney (Charitable Works Fund – taken up 3 times per year, Caritas – Project Compassion Appeal (taken up on Sundays during Lent), Catholic Mission (for Church communities in mission territories – taken up once per year), the St Vincent de Paul Society, the Holy Father’s Annual Appeal and the Annual Good Friday Holy Land Appeal. All these collections have special envelopes that are available in the church a few weeks prior to the Appeal.  The Charitable Works Fund Appeal for 2021-2022 has been reinstated.